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by Duke Grendel of Hús Vetra Skald



Greetings, friend! I decided to write "Emperor" as a handy guide to anyone who might be looking for help with the position of Imperial Monarch within the Iron Mountains. Regardless if you're new to holding office or if you've been Emperor/Empress before you will at least come away with a view into my perspective. I hope you find this document helpful.

Duke Grendel of Hús Vetra Skald


So, you want to drive the big bus? The first thing you need to realize is this, Hold Office For Yourself. No one will make your experience rewarding while in office except you. Examine your motivations for seeking this responsibility. Your job is to serve the populace of the Empire to the best of your ability, not to knight all your homies or do people favors. As Monarch you will have the opportunity to carve your own path for the Empire, do what you enjoy and keep the IM's best interest at the core of what you do. Once you've decided you're up to the task, your first goals are:

Set Goals - Why would you be the best choice for the Empire? What difference will you make? You already have some opinions and thoughts on what you like and dislike in this Empire. Talk to the current Imperial Monarch and Regent, your friends, knights, local monarch teams, and members of other groups including core and non-core groups. Find out what needs to be changed within the Empire. What are the strong and weak points of the Iron Mountains according to the populace? Not everyone agrees on what needs changing, so it's up to you to determine your goals after gaining information outside of your own perspective.

Some common goals are:

  • To raise attendance
  • Gain and keep new Amtgarders
  • Raise funds - especially raising money from outside of Amtgard wallets

Establish Contacts! - Communication is key to your success! It is a lot easier to prepare for this office when you already know the people you'll be serving and this is a great opportunity to make new friends! By developing contacts within the IM you'll gain a variety of opinions to help you set your goals and stay in communication with your populace. Having a network of friends will only benefit you, especially if you can call on them for assistance (like running tournaments, special events/games, and spreading positive energy) and for advice/feedback

Get Online - If you don't already have an email address then get one! There are many free email account options out there, you need to be easily available to others by email, and you should use your email frequently.

Lists and Forums - Sign up on the Yahoo Groups for the Iron Mountains (including the Stormkeep, Northern Holdfast, River's End and other IM Yahoo Groups). Register on the IM forums at

Telephone - Obtain a phone for contact, preferably a cellular phone with no additional charge for long distance other than minute usage.

Reliable Travel - One of the major differences between imperial officers and officers at the local level is travel! As the Imperial Monarch it is expected of you to visit the core and non-core groups throughout your reign, you cannot rely on email alone, my friend.

You will need:

  • A decent income - To afford travel costs (gas, plane tickets, etc.) or at least a car-pool system for sharing prices.
  • A good vehicle - You will need to bounce around the Empire and arrive at your destinations in time.

Qualify to Run for Office! - You will need to enter items (that you have made yourself) into a Crown Qualifications tournament prior to being eligible to run for office, this can include (but is not limited to)

  • 2D Art
  • 3D Art
  • Garb
  • Poetry
  • Active Construction
  • Fighting Categories
Some people have tons of time, energy and tools with which they can make Arts and Science entries to enter into the Imperial Crown Qualifications Tournament. Most of us do not, so give yourself plenty of time to make entries, and ask for help! There are many folks out there willing to show you how to make all kinds of things, you will do all the work and learn something new in the process.

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