Amtgard Leadership and Service Archive


by Duke Grendel of Hús Vetra Skald


You Won, Now What?

Respect - Respect yourself, and treat your people with respect. They've elected you to represent their best interest. You don't have to be best friends with everyone, but don't be an asshole either. Be respectful in all things leading up to and including holding the actual office.

Honor - Be fair and honorable, you are not on a fantasy throne above judgement; in fact you sit upon more scrutiny than most anyone else in the Empire. You represent the Empire and by your actions you send a message to the whole of the Kingdom. You lead by example, do the right thing.

Follow Through - You've made all these plans and have all these ideas, right? Set little goals along an appropriate time line, as long as you follow through you will be successful. Action slays dragons.

Knighthood - In my eyes knighthood is not the creation of a knight, it is the public recognition of someone who is already a knight, just as in marriage, you are already committed to your spouse, the ring and ceremony are for you and all your friends and family to recognize this bond. Knighthood is like being a supervisor at your workplace, not everyone that's good at their job and has put in the time or tenure would make a good supervisor, and some people will never be supervisors; some people will never be knights.

You are in a unique position, you alone can bestow the title of "Knighthood" within the Empire.

While knighthood is not the highest title it is the most coveted in Amtgard. When you bestow knighthood you are not just tapping someone's shoulders with a sword, you are bestowing an ongoing responsibility and commitment to Amtgard and your Kingdom upon this person.

A knight must not only excel in the particular Order they are a part of, they must also be willing to teach what they know to others, to lead and set the best example for all of us, to stand up for what they believe in, and make difficult decisions.

You alone will live with the decision you choose to make or not to make. The Circle of Knights serves as an advisory group: you will meet with them throughout your reign. The knights will vote upon various members of the populace, and most knights in the circle have something to say about each candidate - opinions vary. Consider each and every opinion and research candidates for yourself. Remember - you are solely responsible for the decisions you make. Do not make decisions based upon what you think you'll receive in return. Do not make decisions based upon whose 'turn' it is, there are no turns, only knights and non-knights. Show the people our vote for you was the right decision.

Fair Weather

There is no such thing as a perfect reign, remember this when something goes wrong. As with all things in life, the unexpected happens, we only have control over our own thoughts and actions. You will be the person others turn to for advice, decisions, and mediation. Walk tall - but always be friendly and approachable. Trust your guts and when a hard choice is to be made have the strength to make a decision. When these difficult decisions arise don't be afraid to ask for advice or help, but realize this - at the core of things you alone will live with the decisions you make, so make decisions you can live with. Almost everyone will make a mistake here and there, admit when you've messed up, take immediate responsibility for your mistakes and correct them as best you can. Some mistakes are much more grievous than others; such as stealing, fraud, breaking mundane laws and cronyism. Do not break the trust that you've been bestowed. Throughout Amtgard there have been excellent leaders, mediocre leaders, and terrible leaders. Your daily interactions, decisions, efforts, and heart will prove what kind of leader you are.