Amtgard Leadership and Service Archive

The Amtgard Demo Handbook

by Baron Squire Rabbitt Wallcrusher & Marquis Squire Kayden Bonesteel MacGregor


Chapter 5: Closing the Demo

Now that the day is gone and the demo is coming to an end, there are a few absolutely crucial things you must do. By this time you may be tired and you may be grumpy, but if you need to listen to anything we say, this is it!

1) CLEAN UP!!! CLEAN UP!!! CLEAN UP!!!! If you EVER want to use that location again you will need to make sure that it is cleaner when you leave than when you arrived there that morning. This will show the location owner/manager that you respect their property and that you are worthy of continuing a relationship. Once they see that you are honorable and respectful of what they did for you, they will be more willing to allow you to re-visit their site for future endeavors. After a couple of times you might even notice that a sort of bond will grow between you and this person and they may even begin calling you to ask that you run a demo instead of the other way around.

2) Moving Materials Out. As with moving the materials in, be respectful of your surroundings and make every effort not to damage anyone/anything. Be punctual, if you are in a location that is indoors or otherwise requires you to be done at a set time, make sure you are done by that time. This is a fragile period while you are trying to build a relationship with that location and the management. It could hurt your chances of returning to this location if your presence and lack of punctuality requires someone to stay late while they wait for you to finish cleaning up.

3) Thank your contact. This is another step towards building the long lasting relationship with the property owner/manager. When you get down to the nuts and bolts of it, running a demo is all about building relationships. You want to have a relationship with the location, with the owner, manager, and employees. Most of all you want to build a relationship with the patrons who visit and show interest what we do. If everyone around enjoyed your presence, then you will have no problem returning to this site on a regular basis to promote Amtgard.


You have now completed your demo and with any luck you have drawn a few potential members. Remember, you did your job promoting Amtgard to the mundane populace, and you have no control whether or not those people will actually show up to participate. You also distributed printed media that may bring someone out months after your demo is over. These two things alone are enough to call your demo a success. The bonus comes later, when people start coming out because of your demo. This is a great feeling and also one of the primary reasons we continue to promote Amtgard.

We hope this has been educational for you and that our experience on this subject helps you bring longtime, beneficial members to your group.

Thank you for giving us the chance to share our knowledge. We wish you good luck and that you achieve everything you set out to do.

Baron Squire Rabbitt Wallcrusher & Marquis Squire Kayden Bonesteel MacGregor